Out Of Town Wedding Party Measurements

Thank you so much for choosing Nick’s Menswear.  As an out-of-town guest, we’ve made it easy to submit your measurements from home by filling out the required fields below.  Please watch the videos to ensure your most accurate measurements are submitted.  Once your measurements are submitted, please call the location the wedding registered at to submit full payment.  Payments need to be made in full at least two months prior to the wedding date.

If you are a groomsman that will be attending a wedding in a state other than Arizona, it is especially important to submit the most accurate measurements as we will be shipping the suit to you to get tailored where you live.  Nick’s Menswear charges a $30 shipping fee. 

If you’re flying to Arizona for the wedding, you’ll need to find which of our four locations your suit is located, to come in for your final fitting.  We have a tailor on-site who can rush your alterations at no additional cost. 

If you have any additional questions feel free to email our Wedding Specialist at michelle@nicksmenswear.com


How to take your measurements

Measure Neck

Measure Sleeve

Measure Chest

Measure Waist