Own The Suit...


Own The Suit...

dance the night away

Own The Suit...

look picture perfect

Own The Suit...

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Why Choose Nick's Menswear?

At Nick's Menswear our guys are buying versus renting because of fit. Mens fashion has gotten slimmer, trimmer and more form fitting and the rental companies have not been able to address this issue.

Perfect Fit

Every suit is custom fit and tailored no matter what your build. So you can be sure that you will look your absolute best for the big day!

Feel Confident

No matter what the occasion, you will feel and look your best in one of our suits.

Own It

You will own your suit to use again and again for years to come. What’s better than a great fitting suit that is yours to keep for the same price as a rental?

Affordable Price

Our suits are virtually the same price as renting a suit, except the suit is yours to keep.

About Us

What Our Clients Say

"Nothing flatters guys more than a well-tailored suit, especially on their wedding day. So many of the guys I've worked with who choose Nick's Menswear perfectly match the wedding theme from classic black to navy blue, feeling and looking their best in a suit that they get to keep. The suits photograph beautifully and really help tell the story of the day, especially for larger groups and guys of all sizes. I even used these suits for my own wedding! In my experience, groom's who choose Nick's Menswear have achieved a timeless, classic look that they love, and one their brides love even more!"

- Karlee K. Photography

“The best part is, all the guys got an affordable, good looking suit that they can keep and wear again! it was probably about the same price as renting a suit but the fact that they could keep it afterwards was a big selling point for us. "

- Alyssa and Spencer R

"No competitor is as flexible, professional or have the prices anywhere close to what is offered by Nick’s Menswear. The suits are great quality and give a nice modern fit that will look great in any wedding. " 

- Austin T.

- Alexis and Aracely W.

"We had such a great experience at Nicks Menswear! A few years ago the groom had a bad experience with a suit rental. The cost was about the same as it was to buy at Nicks and the rental fit was just bad. we didn’t want to go through that for our wedding. we’re so happy we came across Nicks Menswear.”