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About nick's

Here, You're family

We have one job, and that job is to make you look better than anybody else can, no matter what event you're dressing for. Whether you’re going to a wedding, a job interview, or just everyday wear, our mission is to make sure you look your absolute best.

We help our customers just as we would help our family and friends. From the first call or your first step through our doors, you will feel taken care of. We get to know you, your purchase goals, and your style. We help you find the perfect fit. To us, it's about building a relationship and getting you taken care of the way that only Nick's can.

The staff at Nick’s Menswear has over 100 years combined retail experience, and use it to bring you the best in customer service and value in men’s suits and clothing. We focus on value and fashion and you will not find a better selection of suits anywhere. Nick’s Menswear always has thousands of suits in stock to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect fit and style at a great price.

Nick is the son of the company's founders, Mitch and Tracy Fink. When Mitch and Tracy were thinking of what to call the store, they weren’t fans of “Fink’s Menswear” or “Mitch’s Menswear”. At this time, Italian-sounding names were popular for men’s clothing stores, so Nick’s name became the leading contender.

Nick himself was also the inspiration for the concept of Nick’s Menswear to own versus rent. When Nick had to get a suit for prom, Mitch took him shopping to purchase a suit, showing him the value of owning something instead of renting it. And thus, the concept- and name- for Nick’s Menswear was born.

Nick Fink is currently an actor living and working in Hollywood.

So, who is Nick?

Over 100 years of experience

Nick’s Menswear is Family owned and operated by the Fink Family. The whole family participates in the purchasing for Nick’s inventory together so they have a wide variety of styles to fit your life style – young or old – career or special occasion. 

The first store opened in 2009 at Arrowhead Towne Center and based on the success of that location another location opened in 2010 at Chandler Fashion Center. In 2012 we opened our 3rd store at Arizona Mills in Tempe, followed by a 4th store in Tucson, and our first luxury location at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall.

Nick's Scottsdale offers the quality price point goods that all our stores have had, plus a full menswear experience with jeans, chinos, sport coats, sport shirts, higher end wool suits, and a state-of-the-art custom room with hundreds of swatches to choose from. 

We look forward to serving you